Interlock with the most downstream zone to turn on an output tell it to stop when something shows up (Lane Full) and then get an input to see if the last downstream zone is occupied

On a newly Auto-Configured linear conveyor without any intervention from external signals, if an item is on the conveyor, it will convey to the last downstream zone and try to continue on. Whichever Control Port (Left or Right) is on the Downstream Side of the ConveyLinx Module will accept a Lane Full signal input on its interlock input Pin 4. When a digital signal is applied to Pin 4, the zone will still run its motor to accept an item but it will stop and accumulate when the item reaches the sensor.

PLC output signal to Downstream Control Port Pin 4 is ON because PEx is blocked. Because Pin 4 is ON, when Carton 1 arrives at PE1 it will stop and accumulate. Downstream Control Port Output is ON when Carton 1 is blocking PE1
When PLC output signal to Pin 4 is OFF, Zone 1 motor runs and Carton 1 discharges. Module is waiting for Pin 4 to turn ON in order to avoid an Arrival Jam. When PE1 is clear, Downstream Control Port Output is OFF
When Carton 1 arrives at PEx, the PLC turns ON its output signal to Pin 4 indicating to the module that Carton 1 arrived so Zone 1 will not generate an Arrival Jam. If another carton conveys into Zone 1, it will accumulate as long as Pin 4 signal is ON