Depending on the physical arrangement of actual zones on the Center Line, the Merge Zone can be assigned to either the Upstream or Downstream zone of its particular ConveyLinx Module. It can also be assigned to a ConveyLinx Module that is configured as a single zone ZPA controller.

In all 4 of these examples, Node 2 is the Merge Zone’s controlling ConveyLinx Module

Merge Zone on Upstream Zone

Merge Zone on Downstream Zone

Single Zone Module

Whenever an ConveyLinx Module has been Auto-Configured as a single zone; regardless of whether the single zone is connected to the right side or left side of the ConveyLinx Module, the logical designation for the zone on the this module is always the Upstream Zone. Shown below are examples of a single zone module using the left and right sides of the module respectively.

Merge Zone on a Single Zone Module's Left Side

Merge Zone on a Single Zone Module's Right Side