Purpose of this Manual

The purpose of this manual is to:

  • Identify the components and ports available on a module
  • Provide guidelines for proper installation and wiring
  • Provide examples on basic inter-module connections for linear conveyor
  • Introduce the EasyRoll software tool and provide instructions to configure and modify parameters

Who Should Use this Manual?

This manual is intended for users who need basic product information and simple application procedures to implement Modules to control simple linear conveyor.
You should have a basic understanding of electrical circuitry and familiarity with relay logic, conveyor equipment, photo-sensors, etc. If you do not, obtain the proper training before using this product.

What do you want to do?

The Basics

Learn about module hardware ports
Learn about power supply sizing
How to Auto-Configure your network of modules
Find out about what all the LED states mean
Learn about the different release modes and how to change them
Learn about Flex Zone
Learn about jam conditions
How to reset a module back to factory default
How to wire up a Hardwired Interlock
How to Auto-Replace a module
Basic things you can do with EasyRoll

Learn about basic navigation through EasyRoll
Learn about ZPA settings and how to change them
How to change motor direction, speed, accel/decel, etc.
Learn about motor status and error indicators
How to change Jam Timers and Auto-Clear Timers
How to change how the module logic uses the block/clear output from your sensors
How to change your Control Port Inputs to match the signals you are using
Some advanced things you can do with EasyRoll

Learn how to discover modules on your network and change IP addresses
How to set up Look Ahead Slow Down feature
How to disable Flex Zone Recognition and why you may want to
How to set up an Extension or slave module
How to connect two separate networks together to operate in ZPA
How to backup and restore module settings
How to upgrade module firmware