• Open EasyRoll
• Connect and navigate to the ConveyLinx Module that will control the Merge Zone.
• Press CTRL+SHIFT+M to open the ConveyMerge Configuration Screen

Item Description
Navigation Buttons for Node selection
Drop down selector for Merge Type – Left, Right, or Both
Drop down for Merge Priority
Display of IP Address for the ConveyLinx Module selected that will contain the Merge Zone
User button to click to apply the settings to the affected modules
User button to cancel any changes made and close the screen
Field to enter the IP Address of the Left Line’s most downstream ConveyLinx Module
Checkbox to enable Merge Line Full functions
IP Address of the ConveyLinx Module that contains the zone being defined as the Monitor Zone for the Merge Line Full function
Radio buttons to select whether the upstream or downstream zone of the ConveyLinx Module identified in Item 9 will be used as the Monitor Zone
Field to enter the IP Address of the Right Line’s most downstream ConveyLinx Module
User checkbox to select T-Merge type
Graphical representation of the merge. Please note this will update and change as settings and configuration is modified
Merge Line Full Block Timer preset value
Merge Line Full Clear Timer preset value
T-Merge Accept Timer preset value
T-Merge Send Timer preset value