Before the Auto-Configuration Procedure can be performed; each individual ConveyLinx Module needs to have its associated MDR’s and photo-sensors connected in the proper way for expected operational results.
In general, each ConveyLinx Module detects which Sensor Ports have a device connected and will use this to determine its specific configuration once it has been instructed to self-configure by the Auto-Configuration Procedure.
Before starting to configure your system to operate, each MDR and photo-sensor needs to be properly connected to the ConveyLinx Modules mounted on the conveyor. Modules will determine how to operate based upon how the photo-sensors and MDR’s are connected.

A single ConveyLinx Module can operate as a:

2 zone controller with 2 MDR’s and 2 photo-sensors
1 zone controller with 1 MDR and 1 photo-sensor on Left or Right Side
1 zone controller with 2 MDR’s and 1 photo-sensor with Sensor on Left or Right Side