Register Name / Module Address Assembled Address for PLC Description
Direction & Accumulation Mode Control for Local Upstream Zone
M: 4:1622
E: O.Data [22]
P: Byte 44 (Hi)
   Byte 45 (Lo)
Used to change direction of flow or accumulation mode for a contiguous group of zones beginning with the local upstream / downstream zone
Value for Low Byte of Register:
0 = Normal Function
1 = Accumulate Zones
2 = Accumulate Zones
3 = Change Accumulation Release Mode
4 = Return Release Mode to Configured Default
5 = Run All FWD Direction
Direction & Accumulation Mode Control for Local Downstream Zone
M: 4:1623
E: O.Data [23]
P: Byte 46 (Hi)
   Byte 47 (Lo)
6 = Run All REV Direction
7 = Place All in Maintenance Mode
10 = Set Direction to Configured Default (Forward)
11 = Set Direction to opposite of Configured default (Reverse)
Value for High Byte of Register:
Number of ZONES beginning with the local Upstream / Downstream Zone for which the Low Byte value is applied – from 1 to 220. If ALL ZONES in the subnet need to be controlled then leave the High Byte = “0”

Notes on Accumulate Zones Functionality

The Accumulate Zones function (Low Byte values 1 or 2) expects all zones to be empty or in the process of releasing downstream when the function is initiated. Once the Accumulate Zones function has been initiated, the logic is expecting to see the zone status change from clear to blocked before the zone accumulates.

This can produce unexpected results if the Accumulate Zones function is initiated on a line where some or all zones are already occupied and accumulated.

Let’s say that we have a conveyor line where all cartons are stopped and accumulated. If the Accumulate Zones function is initiated; nothing will happen and it will appear that all zones are being commanded to accumulate.
However, each zone needs to see a transition from empty to full again for the function to be initiated. So in this case, if someone removes a carton from a zone, the carton upstream will still convey to fill the empty zone, as well as any other upstream cartons. If a given zone was already empty when the function was initiated; the next carton that arrives will accumulate.