One of the Control Port input signals previously mentioned above is the Local Accumulate signal (Pin 3 on RJ-12 Control Port or P3 on a SE-4). By default, this signal causes the local zone to accumulate when its zone sensor is blocked. If this signal is removed when a carton is blocking the sensor, the carton will discharge to the next downstream zone (if of course it is clear). While the carton is discharging and still blocking the zone sensor, if the Accumulate signal is re-energized, the zone will stop.

Accumulate on Sensor Trigger

In situations (like an operator workstation) where you for example want every carton to accumulate upon its arrival, you would leave the Accumulate signal energized all the time and then have an operator momentarily de-energize the signal to cause the carton to discharge. In this situation you probably do not want the operator to have to watch and wait for the carton to fully discharge from the zone in order for them to re-energize the Accumulate signal so that the next carton will stop at the zone. The Accumulate on Sensor Trigger checkboxes for the Upstream and Downstream zones allow you to tell either or both the Upstream or Downstream zones on the module to remember that the Accumulate signal was momentarily de-energized so the carton will discharge without any further operator intervention and automatically know to accumulate the zone upon the arrival of the next carton.

Click the Accumulate on Sensor Trigger checkbox so that a momentary removal of the Pin 3 signal will release the carton from the zone. If the Pin 3 signal comes back on and the sensor is still blocked, the control will still release the carton and will not accumulate again until the sensor becomes clear and then blocked again