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SMART Migration – is designed from the ground up to support the Workpoint architecture where each data entity, being a “Company” or a “Project” etc. has a dedicated SharePoint Site.

Migration challenge: Transfer content to thousands of sites.

  • Performance. SMART Migration can transfer data x4 faster than any other known tool
  • No programming involved, hence no black-box PowerShell to develop and not the least, test! All is done visually with no code.
  • No manually managed Excel sheets or CSV files for specifying what source sites to migrate to what destination site
  • Centrally managed logging where you can track all actions in one place – no need for opening external logs for each site migrated
  • Track progress in real-time and optionally visualize with your own Power BI dashboard and trigger approvals and notifications in Power Automate.

Loop WorkPoint sites – migrate & set permissions

Directly access the WorkPoint master site and read the business entity items. The run For-Each Item and use column values as parameters for the migration.

Legacy Document Management System to WorkPoint

Combine metadata from databases with the binary file content to form document library items and distribute dynamically to designated WorkPoint business entities (sites)

Consolidate reporting across thousands of sites

Reporting with ZERO CSV/Excel files. EVERYTHING is consolidated automatically across all Workpoint site migrations (thousands) including incremental runs.

High performance (x5-x20 faster than any know setup)

Async file transfer. Multiple Azure migration queues to service the common Azure Blob Storage

Document & metadata sources
  • Legacy Document Management Systems like Alfresco, eDoc, Documentum, M-Files etc.
  • “Home made” Document Management Systems, typically with metadata stored in SQLServer and binary files on FileShares or in BLOB columns in the database.
  • Legacy SharePoint Document Libraries and Lists (SharePoint on-premises 2007,10,13,16,19)
  • Differently organized content in SharePoint Online storage in same or other tenant(s)
  • Microsoft Teams – associated Document Libraries and Lists
  • FileShares with folders
Last modified: 23 November 2023