Data values can be modified by applying no-code transformation actions.

  • Multiple Mapping and replace actions can be combined
  • Excel-style expression can be part of the cleansing/transformation sequence. Variables can be applied as part of the expression
  • Data cleansing can use temporary database tables. SQL or non-SQL data manipulation actions can be applied. Variables can be used for parameterized actions or SQL.
  • Structured For-Each looping can be applied for automating many transformation steps that are organized in a dependency hierarchy. Each value in the data set is referenced as a Variable. The data set can come from CSV, Excel, JSON, XML, REST, SQL SELCT.
Search and replace
Based on a value pair list you can search a string for values of any data type and replace it with another value.
Map values 1:1
Based on a value pair list you can map one value to another.
The is a complete Excel style calculation engine that you can use to manipulate data values. SQL Select you can use SQL as part of your expression to calculates values
Last modified: 21 December 2021