SMART Migration – Initial setup. The tenant containing Teams becomes the migration destination.
  • Create a Team in Microsoft Teams eg. “The Migration Project”. You can add as many Private or Shared channels as you like representing different document owner groups.
  • While in your new Team go to Files in the General channel and Click Open in SharePoint
While In SharePoint:
  • Copy the site URL without the document library part.
  • Edit the default Teams Channel and paste in the URL you copied from Team’s associated SharePoint site. Click Ok to connect and add the required Lists and Libraries.
    Note that this may take 5-8 minutes to complete.
Important if you use “Web Login”
  • Microsoft will throttle you when working with more than 500MB of file content per day.
  • Microsoft does not support “Web Login” for Teams management so the automatic Teams Channel detection and provisioning of SharePoint List and Library TABs inside the files section of any Channel cannot be done. You can add the TABs manually.
  • To support Chat you can install “Microsoft Incoming-Webhook” follow this video
    Copy the generated URL and paste into the teams Channel connection or the monitor channel URL
  • You may start the Job Server now by clicking the “Start server” button.
  • Option: you can run the job “Create default folders” as a starting point. But there are no requirements for that. It is only meant as a suggestion for getting started.
Last modified: 25 January 2024