One MigrationJob can include ProxyFiles from different SharePoint source sites/libraries combined with files from FileShares.

Columns Description
[MatadataMapping] Set SharePoint metadata values.
AutoMapAllColumns (the default) automatically maps source columns to target columns based on the column display name.
You can override or extend by adding AutoMapAllColumns with column assignments like:
[Content Type]=Invoice [MyTargetCol]=[MySourceCol] [MyTargetCol]=xyz
You can force individual columns NOT to be assigned by using this syntax: [MyTargetCol]=Skip!
You can specify a default value to handle empty source columns using this syntax: [MyTargetCol]=[MySourceCol];#MyDefaultValue
ManagedMetadata, Lookup and ContentType is resolved by label.
Each assignment must be on a separate line.
[ReMigrate] Is yes, the file will be migrated regardless of timestamp. Use this setting to forcefully remigrate a file.

ReMigrate >>> mefører at ,,
Version history column mapping:
If columns in the model are mapped to the destination and the same column exists in the SharePoint source then the version history is automatically copied.

validate users job!

path too long validering. .. afsat bredde i modellen. dokumneter at bredden beregnes i valideringjobbet. valideringen lavers på migrationjobbene.

(lidt lige som user validering)

besriov default user.

SharePoint to SharePoint
The latest [Modified] and [ModifiedBy] values are retrieved dynamically from the SharePoint source file at migration time.
[SourceFileTextModifiedBy] in combination with [ValidateDestinationFileModifiedBy] to build the user mapping list within SMART Migration that will be used to map user names at migration time.
FileShare to SharePoint
the latest [Modified] value is retrieved dynamically from the source file at migration time.
Duplicates detection


Source mySite:

Source myOtherSite:


  • CreateAllFolders (default)
  • CreateNoEmptyFolders

validation issues list
dublicates list

Incremental support: Just rerun the model job and the new files will be detected across the entire library.

Recalculate the folder volumes: Just rerun the job incrementally then new files are detected volume and duplicates are calculated.

corrupåted files list

m,igration issues list

Private or shared channel.

valistion issues lisrt

Du kan lige pludselig lave en “agil” migrerings process” hvor du kan dele alle sektioner ind i individuelle sprints
Det åbner op for at kunne tilpasse migreringsprojekterne meget mere til forretningen
A way of having deep control
An Agile aproach to migration projects
Using the depths of SharePoint and the classification methods of modern document management
Letting the business be in the drivers seat and having absolute control of the outcome
Next level validation for absolute process control
Letting the business structure, enrich, and validate each migrated file before anything is moved
This way of planning and organizing migration projects can
Tailoring migration projects to fit the organizations needs without having to reserve huge amounts of ressources. This is a new way of planning individual parrallel sprints for your migration project, that serves the business and not strain the business

Use One-Drive sync to reorgabnize library using explorer

it takes 24 hours for unique id to take effect.

Incremental is handled by the last accessed compared to the variable ModelFilesCriteria

rowtag hvad betyder det mned write-back

source selecttion includeds last accessed , NOT only Created/Modified

Nårt man vil se de andre dubletter tager man checksummen i feltet [SourceFileCheckSum] og søger efter den .. valer views osv.

SessionId find entry in Dashboard

‘Training i SharePoint before migration begins

Versionhistory shows validartion changes

SessionID lookup in dashboard.

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Create model

Run job


Last modified: 23 November 2023