Minimize complex and error prone scripting

Use “FileCopy”, “DataETL” and “ForEach looping” building blocks to easily build high performance SMART Migrations based on YOUR rules.

Download SMART Migration for SharePoint here

The “Migration Automation” in SMART Migration For SharePoint is specifically designed for bespoke migration of files to/from/between SharePoint. It is visual, simple and delivers high performance with extensive tracing for each and every file.

“Migration Automation” lets you restructure and enrich the content and distribute to any site without any scripting. However, if you need to include proprietary PowerShell as part of the automation flow, you can call or embed PowerShell code with In/Out parameters and full try catch control plus exception reporting and error tracking.

Any data source can be used for “driving” your SMART Migrations. The easy and powerful DataETL removes the need for scripting to construct the various data sets needed for file metadata and data-driven file distribution.

SMART Migration For SharePoint is designed for
  • High volume projects
  • Simplifying migration/data integration projects
  • Inclusion of major/minor version history – transform multiple files into SharePoint document library item with version history
  • BI Tracking and reporting for each and every file

Data sources include:

An example of multiple steps that defines a SMART Migration job

Last modified: 23 November 2023