Function reference
Calculate the checksum for a file.

FileCheckSum(filename, algorithm)

Argument Description
filename A string representing the filename
algorithm A string defining the algorithm you want to use.
Valid arguments are:
  • ‘MD5’
  • ‘SHA1’
  • ‘SHA224’
  • ‘SHA256’
  • ‘SHA512’
  • ‘SHA3_224’
  • ‘SHA3_256’
  • ‘SHA3_512’

Data type: string
Returns BASE64 encoded checksum/hash based on the specified algorithm.

Shows the Length and CheckSum/Hash generated from a 504k pdf file.


This expression returns the MD5 calculated CheckSum for the file.
FileCheckSum(‘c:\myfolder\myfile.txt’ , ‘MD5’)

Link to Wikipidia about MD5 and SHA algorithms

Last modified: 26 June 2023