SMART Migration writes to the Windows Event Log so you can track what is going on and feed information to IT Infrastructure Monitoring systems.

Events registered by Event Source MigrationFlow

Event ID Task Category Description
1-8 1-8 Job defined Notification events. (Options tab)
1-100 90-100 System events like lost connection to SQL servers, Terminated jobs caused by machine reboot etc.

Critical system events.

Event ID Task Category Name Description
4 91 Fatal database error. Job Server was unable to connect to the database.
5 91 Fatal database error. When the repository database is not functioning. This condition is fatal and must be handled for SMART Migration to work correctly.
6 91 Program error. If an unforeseen event happens that SMART Migration does not handle. This condition is fatal for SMART Migration. Please report to MigrateDMS.
7 91 Program error. Unable to start Server job due to lack of resources.
8 91 Computer issue Computer memory is running low. It is required to have 2 GB free memory.
This event is triggered….
9 91 Fatal database error. The Job Azure “pending files” scanner was unable to connect to the database. No migration results from pending files will be retrieved. Notice that the Azure scanner runs within the Job Server.
This event fires when the job server is incorrectly configured, typically the Windows Service account.
Last modified: 15 April 2023