Function reference
Rounds a number to the specified number of decimal places.

Round ( x , n )

Argument Description
x The number you want to round.
n The number of decimal places to which you want to round x. Valid values are 0 through 28.

Data type: Decimal
If n is positive, Round returns x rounded to the specified number of decimal places. If n is negative, it returns x rounded to (- n +1) places before the decimal point.

Example 1
This expression returns 9.62
Round(9.624, 2)

Example 2
This expression returns 9.63
Round(9.625, 2)

Example 3
This expression returns 9.600
Round(9.6, 3)

Example 4
This expression returns -9.63
Round(-9.625, 2)

Example 5
This expression returns -10:
Round(-9.625, -1)

Last modified: 23 May 2021