Microsoft Storage Explorer

The Microsoft Storage Explorer is recommended to access and manage the storage account.
Also, the tool provides a nice insight into how the blobs are stored hence a better understanding of what is happening behind the scenes.

Storage Tier Costs

Monthly Microsoft Azure expense per GB. The above is only and example.
Please refer to the up-to-date Microsoft pricing.

Tier Example of yearly Microsoft Azure expense for 1 TB Saving
Hot 12 * $0.018 * 1000 = $216 91%
Cool 12 * $0.01 * 1000 = $120 95%
Cold 12 * $0.0036 * 1000 = $43 Recommended because it has the lowest cost while still being accessible and requires no management for Restoring files like the archive tier does. 98%
Archive 12 * $0.00099 * 1000 = $12 The archive tier must be managed when a Restore is needed. While a blob is in the Archive access tier, it’s considered to be offline, and can’t be read or modified. In order to read or modify data in an archived blob, you must first rehydrate the blob to an online tier. This can be done form Microsoft Storage Explorer and other tools. 99%
SharePoint Online 12 * $0.2 * 1000 = $2400 (Yearly expense for 1TB)
  • There are minor additional Azure Blob Storage costs associated with restore of files, transactions and reporting.
    An example could be $5-$25 per year but this depends on especially the amount of GB that needs to be Restored.
    Microsoft pricing.

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Last modified: 21 June 2024