The concept is centered around 1 Team

This team is the central point of collaboration that connects all people that are part of the migration project.

The SharePoint site associated with the Team is upon initialization enriched with a number of Lists and Libraries that in combination with SMART Migration enables the Migration Modeling processes.

When you have only 1 «content owner» (group of people owning/managing all the documents) this site is the center for the migration modeling and deployment process.

When you have multiple «content owners» (groups of people owning/managing subsets of documents) that may not see each others content (filenames, metadata and folder structure) then you create a private or shared Channel in the Team and add the people who has the content ownership of a particular set of files. Each channel’s associated site collection serves as the center for the migration modeling and deployment process for that group of people («content owner») and that particular set of files.
Note that the list and library enrichment needed to support Migration Modeling is automatically applied to the new channel site the first time it is being referenced from SMART Migration. Also, when you make changes to the main channel site then you have the option to apply those changes to any private/shared channel.

DESTINATION always host connection.

The SharePoint content connections 1 & 2 are pre-created connections that are dynamically being allocated for the actual content migration.
The permissions for these connections must be sufficient for migrating to/from all sites referenced. You do NOT need tenant wide admin permission consent to any connection. Only what is at a bare minimum needed.
Note that you can have as many connections as you need for supporting multiple source and destination on-prem farms or SPO tenants. The appropriate connection is being dynamically allocated based on “best left most” URL match. So if you have a connection URL like this: then any source or destination URL matching the beginning of this URL will use this connection.

Last modified: 23 November 2023