Design the END RESULT prior to migrating

Build, Deploy, Validate and Document file migration for SharePoint
without Excel, CSV, Programming or E-Mail.
» Directly and in real time within Microsoft Teams «

How it works
A «proxy» (Digital Twin) of the file source(s) is crated in a Document Library.

The Library Items of content-type «File Proxy» stores all properties about the file such as original name, path, modified etc. and is an empty file.

The FileProxy is effectively decupling the Library Item from the actual file. That enables reorganizing, renaming, classification etc. within the library without touching the real file.

When a given part of the migration result is ready, SMART Migration then execute the actual file copy based on the modeling setup including reorganized structure and content type etc.

Supported source platforms
Microsoft Teams – all channel types (Standard, Shared, Private)
Microsoft 365/SharePoint Online
SharePoint On-Prem 2007,2010,2013,2016,2019, Subscription edition
Supported destination and modeling host platforms
Microsoft Teams – all channel types (Standard, Shared, Private)
Microsoft 365/SharePoint Online
SharePoint On-Prem 2019, Subscription edition
Key benefits
  • Super simple and secure construction of the migration END RESULT visually by the content owners them selves BEFORE THE MIGRATION IS DONE.
    All using simple standard SharePoint functionality to manually reorganize, rename, classify and fix naming issues.
    The above in combination with migration specialists that when needed use SMART Migration for advanced (yet simple) automated BULK updates like setting content-type and associated properties based on fixed rules or rules like occurrences of values in a value set within original path and filename.
    (Just a snippet of the no-code metadata management features available in SMART Migration)
  • No more CSV,Excel & E-Mail. The exchange and use of Excel and CSV, that are the classic means of collaboration when defining the migration specification(s) are virtually eliminated since the END RESULT is designed visually in Teams.
  • The content owners get to visually see and participate in making the migration end result BEFORE the migration solution is deployed.
  • The individual content owner’s consent/approval is done using the migration END RESULT before the migration solution is deployed.
  • The complete project documentation is automatically created within Teams and is «live» and «interactive».
  • Closed to zero content errors since all file destinations, folders names and metadata is applied and validated by SharePoint BEFORE the migration happens.
  • Final validation of source file, destination file and all metadata as separate content crawl.
  • Significant reduction in RISK since all is agreed upon beforehand and no Excel or CSV files are attached to any email.
OTB tools Available on SharePoint Online within Teams
Cut, Copy, Paste, Delete
  • Reorganize – content. Move freely around within multiple models.
  • Create new folders
  • Delete files or folders
  • Copy same content to multiple locations
  • Fix naming mistakes.
  • Make new or revised naming conventions in collaboration amongst the people in each content owner group.
Set metadata of any data type.
All validated by SPO
  • Content-Type
  • Managed Metadata
  • Lookup
  • User, Text, Choice, Numeric, Date
Last modified: 23 November 2023