Function reference
Gets the number of seconds one datetime occurs after another.

SecondsAfter ( time1, time2 )

Argument Description
DateTime1 A datetime value (String) that is the start datetime of the interval being measured.
DateTime2 A datetime value (String) that is the end datetime of the interval.

Data type: Long
Returns the number of seconds datetime2 occurs after datetime1. If time2 occurs before time1, SecondsAfterDateTime returns a negative number.

Example 1
This expression returns 15
SecondsAfterDateTime( ’2023-09-02 21:15:30’) , ’2023-09-02 21:15:45’ )

Example 2
This expression returns -15
SecondsAfterDateTime( ’2023-09-02 21:15:45’ , ’2023-09-02 21:15:30 )

Last modified: 12 December 2023