Function reference
Returns a value form a delimited string based on an index

IndexValue( sourcestring , delimiterstring, indexnumber)

Argument Description
sourcestring The list of values
delimiterstring The string that seperates the values in the sourcestring
indexnumber The numeric index of the values to retrieve

data type: String

Example 1
This expression returns c
IndexValue(‘a#b#c#d’, ‘#’ , 3)

Example 2
This expression returns “empty string”
IndexValue(‘a#b#c#d’, ‘#’ , 0)

Example 3
This expressions returns e
IndexValue(‘aXXbXXcXXdXXe’, ‘XX’ , -1)

Example 4
This expressions returns d
IndexValue(‘aXXbXXcXXdXXe’, ‘XX’ , -2)

Last modified: 23 May 2021