Designed to “take offline” a whole site collection and make it invisible.

  • An administrator archives the whole site collection, all inclusive.
  • The site collection is no longer visible any no one can view or work with anything.
  • Only the entire site collection can be restored.


The M365 Archive cost is 25% of the standard cost pr. GB.
Storage cost for 1 TB $2400 * 25 / 100 = $600 yearly

When you restore you pay USD 0.6 per GB, and you have to restore the entire site collection to gain access to a single file.
Restore cost of 1 file in a 100 GB site collection:
100GB * $0.60 = $60

Small sample of the issues imposed
  • All files and folder become visible again
  • The user has to “look” at the files quickly before the site collection are re-archived.
  • Cannot copy the files to a team because version history is lost and the file size force the need to a migration tool’
  • An invoice is issued by Microsoft that needs to be approved
  • Storage cost raise x4 during the time the site collection is active
  • When you need to mad over files to 3-part you need to restore and to restore for example 3 TB you need to purchase the space

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SMART Offload

Offload the binary components of documents to Azure Blob Storage, where the storage expenses is much less than SharePoint Online.


  • Keep Documents in SharePoint visible and with all metadata including version history.
  • Option to keep current version and only offload version history.
  • Incremental Offload of new versions to files where the current version is retained or new files that have been added.
  • Select what you want to Offload (Libraries, Folders, individual files).
  • Use filters to qualify what to Offload including file size, modified and subfolders.
  • Restore single files, folders, or libraries.
  • Restore to different location (Teams or another site). INCLUDING version history
  • Support for Copy/Move files that are offloaded. Restore copied or moved file.
  • Multiple Offload/Restore jobs can be imported from any data source.

Offload during migration

  • When using SMART Migration, you can offload documents during the migration process itself. Users can request the restore of specific folders or documents to their own Teams team, or SharePoint site.

Restore any file or library at no license cost.

Last modified: 21 June 2024