SMART Migration supports all SharePoint data types

The the complex data types Lookup, Manged Metadata and ContentType are resolved via the associated label.

  • When resolving a Lookup the internal SharePoint Item ID for the linked Item is fetched, using the assigned label value to query the lookup list using the [lookup key column]
  • A multi value lookup column can be assigned by separating multiple values by ;#| For example abc;#xyx@
Lookup using alternate Key column
  • You can specify a different column in the lookup list to resolve the values.
    In the below hard coded example, the column [myLookuListCol] in the Lookup List is used to query and resolve the associated ID for the values abc and xyx respectively.
  • Important: The name of the alternate column must be the [internal column name] in the list used for the lookup. Also, the column used must be part of the lookup definition.
    List Settings: Edit Column: Add a column to show each of these additional fields:
  • Important: If you want to use an input value from a source rather that a hard coded value like in the example above then create a transformation to construct the syntax.
    '[myLookuListCol]=' + [data]
Last modified: 15 December 2022