Function reference
Combines a date and a time value into a DateTime value.

DateTime ( date {, time } )

Argument Description
string/date A valid date (such as Jan 1, 2005, or 12-31-99) or a blob variable whose first value is a date that you want included in the value returned by DateTime.
string/time (optional) A valid time (such as 8am or 10:25:23:456799). If you include a time, only the hour portion is required. If you omit am or pm, the hour is determined according to the 24-hour clock.

Data type: DateTime
Returns a DateTime value based on the values in date and optionally time. If time is omitted, DateTime uses 00:00:00.000000 (midnight).


DateTime(‘2013-12-28’, ’10:03:58.1234’) DateTime(Date(‘2013-12-28’), Time(‘10:03:58.1234’))
Last modified: 23 May 2021