Issue Possible Cause Action
PLC cannot communicate with a ConveyLinx module Incorrect Profinet name syntax Verify that the Profinet Name follows the syntax as previously described.
If online, you can check module connections to your PLC with the Accessible Nodes function in the TIA Portal
Incorrect I.P. address Make sure module’s IP address is correct as previously described in Adding Modules
Subnet mask mismatch Make sure PLC’s subnet mask matches the subnet mask in all ConveyLinx modules
Subnet mask mismatch For Full ZPA, Full PLC Controlled, and Reduced PLC Controlled modes – ConveyLinx-ERSC firmware 4.3 and higher
For Reduced ZPA Mode – ConveyLinx firmware 4.24 and higher
Intermittent Communication drop out between PLC and module Improper Module Update time Verify that the Update time is properly set based upon the DAP you have chosen. Here is an example for ZPA mode
PLC’s connection limit or I/O memory usage limit has been reached Verify quantity of connections and memory limitations for the PLC processor being used and upgrade processor if needed.
Reduce number of connected modules if connection limit has been reached
If PLC I/O memory limit has been exceeded, change Full ZPA or Full PLC mode modules to their equivalent “reduced” DAP to reduce I/O memory required
Faulty cabling Make sure all cables are the recommended type for the installation environment and that all connections are good
Incorrect switch type Verify that the switch being used is Profinet rated and is selected from one of the units available in the Catalog in the PLC programming environment