An example of a conveyor layout is a great way to illustrate the Integrated PLC Topology Configuration method.

Module Mode I.P. Address DAP from Hardware Catalog Profinet Name
Full ZPA ConveyLinx-Ai in ZPA mode feeder
Full ZPA with Merger ConveyLinx-Ai merger merge
ConveyLogix Interface ConveyLinx-Ai in PLC mode with ConveyLogix divert
Full PLC Controlled ConveyLinx-Ai in PLC mode workstation
Reduced ZPA ConveyLinx-Ai in reduced ZPA mode spur
Reduced PLC Controlled ConveyLinx-Ai in reduced PLC mode reject

For this example, add these to your network in the same fashion as described earlier in the Examples of Adding Modules section. Because our example is using a switch, you need to select a Profinet switch from the Catalog. In our example we selected a SCLANCE XF204 four port switch. Here is a view showing all the items added to our topology including the Profinet switch and ConveyLinx modules.

Connecting PLC and Switch

To make a topology connection, click and drag from the small connection square on the PLC to one of the ports on the switch.