Register Name / Module Address Assembled Address for PLC Description
Left Motor Servo Command Word
M: 4:1824
E: O.Data [24]
P: Byte 48 (Hi)
   Byte 49 (Lo)
Bit 0: Reset Command
   1 = Set Current Servo Position Value to “0”

Bit 1: Servo Run Command
   1 = Run in Motor from current position value to set
     position value in Left Motor Servo Command
     Value Register
Right Motor Servo Command Word
M: 4:1826
E: O.Data [26]
P: Byte 52 (Hi)
   Byte 53 (Lo)
Left Motor Servo Command Value
M: 4:1823
E: O.Data [23]
P: Byte 46 (Hi)
   Byte 47 (Lo)
Signed integer value of the position to move to on the next Servo Run Command

   Valid values are from -32767 to +32767
   Value in mm for MDR and in pulses for PGD
Right Motor Servo Command Value
M: 4:1825
E: O.Data [25]
P: Byte 50 (Hi)
   Byte 51 (Lo)