Pin 2 on each of the two Sensor port’s M8 connector on the Module is configurable as to its potential function. This pin can function as either an input or an output. The default “out-of-the-box” usage for Pin 2 is “None” or “External Control”. Using the Pin 2 Usage screen from the ConveyLinx Advanced Dialog allows you to select one of the following functions for each zone on the module:

Item Signal Description
External Control Input or OUT Signal does not affect ZPA control and is configurable and accessible by external PLC control
Accumulate(DI) Input Used to cause local ZPA zone to accumulate
Wake-up(DI) Input Used to cause causes local zone to wake-up and run its motor to accept a product
Wake-up with Timeout(DI) Input Same as Wake-up(DI) except the running zone will stop after a timeout if signal remains on
Lane Full Interface(DI) Input Used to operate the Lane Full Interface discharge control function
Module Error Output(DO) Output Energizes when there is a module error condition active
Product on Zone(DO) Output Energizes when the local ZPA zone is occupied
Sensor Error(DI) Input Used for sensors equipped with a health or error output signal
Mirror Pin4(DI) Input
Extension Board - Not Used
As Sensor in Reverse Dir.(DI) Input Used to when reverse direction sensor is connected for reversing operation

Depending on how the module is configured, you can independently select which of these functions you want to reside on which of the two available sensor port Pin 2 signals.