In the section Electrical Connections for Sensor Port Aux I/O, it is shown how to use off the shelf commercially available M8 cable accessories to gain access to the Aux I/O pin on the sensor ports. Pulseroller offers a Breakout/Splitter Module Accessory that offers the same cable splitter functionality as the commercially available M8 units along with breaking out some of the signals to convenient wire terminal access for flying lead devices.

The IOX-2 Interface Module provides a convenient plug and play means to separate the zone sensor and Aux I/O signals on the Module’s sensor port. The IOX-2 utilizes M8 style connection headers so you can connect your M8 style zone sensor as well as M8 style cable (or additional sensor) for access to the Aux I/O Pin 2 signal. The IOX-2 also contains wire terminal access for the Aux I/O Pin 2 signals for complete flexibility.

Mounting Dimensions

Wiring Diagrams

Electrical Schematic