Beginning with Serial Number 1039358 ConveyLinx-Ai2 will change microcontroller from MK52 to ATSAM.

The following items must be understood and taken into consideration:

Module functionality between MK52 and ATSAM based modules will remain identical
Hardware version numbers shown in EasyRoll for ATSAM versions will 20 and greater
ATSAM versions can be seamlessly used with existing system utilizing the MK52 versions
Module replacement will not also update firmware from neighboring MK52/ATSAM modules. If an ATSAM module is used to replace an ATSAM module whose neighbors are also ATSAM based, then the standard firmware upgrade/downgrade that occurs during the Module Replacement procedure will work as expected
ATSAM module firmware cannot be downgraded below version 6.1.0
Any new firmware update versions will be compatible for both MK52 and ATSAM based modules. EasyRoll will extract and route the appropriate firmware based upon the module’s microcontroller type
EasyRoll version 4.22 and later will be required to update firmware for ATSAM modules and for MK52 modules with firmware 6.1.0 and later
EasyRoll versions prior to 4.22 will still be able to Discover and connect to ATSAM modules and perform all functions except firmware upgrade