In the Introduction to AFD structures you will find an explanation on structures and baselines in SIVI AFS. Upon request, SIVI uploads baselines to create structures in AOS. Please note that these baselines are only visible in AOS and not downloadable, but if you are interested in a zip file with JSON Schemas, please send an e-mail to

As you can see in AOS, each baseline is a combination of message type (berichtsoort) and domain. (In case of SIVI AFS the SIVI Community is always AFD 2.0.) The name of the structure shows what type of message we are dealing with on a generic level (for example a policyStructure for policies or a partyStructure for party data). The domain limits the structure further. For example, the domain motor vehicle ensures, only coverages related to motor vehicles can be selected, while the domain customer ensures, only customer related entities are available.

Note: a complete overview of the baselines currently in use, is available in AOS.


In the example shown below, the message type is the policyStructure and the domain is motor vehicle. First you see the representation of the structure in AOS, as a tree of (nested) entities and entityTypes. Below that you find the JSON Schema export from AOS.

Figure 3.2-1 An AFD definition based on policyStructure and motor vehicle in AOS

Figure 3.2-2 An AFD definition (as JSON Schema) based on policyStructure and motor vehicle in JSON Schema exported from AOS


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