The SIVI All Finance Standard (SIVI AFS) is the next growth step in digitization within our industry. In 1985 it was “electronic (ADN) messaging”, in 2004 “Internet” and now it is “API”. In all three cases it is the stepping stone to a new era with a different way of working, but also in all three cases it is a stepping stone with a certain continuity for existing agreements. In 1985 it is the POR agreement for passing on current account data. In 2004 it is the ADN data catalog. Now it is the AFD 1.0 model and the AFD web services.

SIVI AFS is the basis for a digital ecosystem in which customers can obtain good service within the various distribution channels. Where good access to data and exchange of data is possible. Facilitating individual differences within digital collaboration. This is an ambitious goal and will require attention and commitment from the industry as a whole in the years to come. At the same time, it is also a necessary agenda because an open digital ecosystem within our industry is a precondition for further development and innovation.

There will be no ‘big bang’ migration. Where SIVI standards are used in ‘communities’ like VPI and GRS, SIVI will discuss the ambition and timeline with regard to migration to the new standards for each community. For the development of non-community related web services and the recording of data, organizations can make their own choices on migration to the SIVI All Finance Standard. To facilitate coexistence, SIVI provides extensive conversion support from AFD 1.0 to AFD 2.0 and vice versa. See the chapter Support and the SIVI website for more information.

Version Management

The SIVI All Finance Standard manual is updated on a monthly basis unless there are no important changes. In part this is due to the further development of the standard itself. These updates are considered technical or functional changes. Next to this, there are also editorial changes which mostly concern the styles used in the document and general appearance of descriptions and specifications, and which also include improvements regarding English grammar, punctuation, etc.

The changes and additions in functional and technical content are listed in the ‘Changes’ column. The editorial changes are not explicitly mentioned.

Version Date Status Changes
001.000.000 25-05-2020 final pre-release
001.000.001 16-06-2020 final editorial changes
001.000.002 09-12-2020 final official release 1.0
001.000.003 01-05-2021 final added chap 12 Appendix
added par 7.2 Proprietary APIs
added par 7.13 entity commonFunctional
001.000.004 20-07-2021 final added chap 7 functionVariant to all functions
added chap 7 codelists APIVARADNAFMADNBRA,
PORMAA and ADNDEK to attributes functionVariant,
dataCatalogVersion, bunsinessline, porCompany and coverageCode
001.000.005 20-09-2021 final adjust design submitMessage:
adjust par 4.11, par 4.12, par 7.14.1
add par 7.14.2 and remove par 7.13.5
001.001.000 09-05-2022 final Introduction All Finance Data Catalog is paragraph 2.1 (was chapter 2)
AFD 2.0 Building blocks is chapter 2 (was chapter 3)
Chapter 3 AFD Structures (was chapter 4)
Chapter 4 AFD definition standard (was chapter 5)
Adjustments chapter 5:
Domain specific functions (was chapter 7 API framework functions)
Par 5.1 Introduction to all functions (was chapter 6)
Par 5.1.2 Design principles (was par 7.1)
Par 5.1.3 Operation and variant description: reading guide (was par 7.4 Function description template)
Par 5.2 Overview of all functions (was par 7.3)
Par 5.3-5.6 Functional descriptions (were 7.5-7.12)
Par 5.7 Table (was par 7.17 afsTable)
Par 5.8 Task (was par 7.1 Order)
Par 5.9 Ticket (new)
Par 5.10 Swagger examples of domain specific functions (new)
Par 5.11 Data registration vs services (new)
Par 6.2 Message (was par 7.14)
Par 6.3 Session (was par 7.15 process)
Chapter 7 Proprietary APIs (was par 7.2)
Chapter 8 SIVI protocols (new)
Chapter 9 Transaction standards (was chapter 8, 9 and par 7.18)
Chapter 10 Security (was chapter 10)
Chapter 11 Tools (new)
Chapter 12 Additional support (was chapter 11)
Chapter 13 Abbreviations (was chapter 12)
001.001.001 22-08-2023 Adjusted chapter 5 Domain specific functions: description of endpoints
Added explanation to par commonFunctional
Adjusted par 3.17 superStructure


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