This document describes and explains the SIVI All Finance Standard (SIVI AFS).

If you have a managerial role, reading this chapter and subsequently paragraphs 2.1, 5.1 and chapter 14 will give you an overall impression of SIVI AFS.

For those with a more substantive interest in SIVI AFS, this chapter discusses the background, as well as the most important innovations compared to the existing SIVI standards.

Chapter 2 introduces the SIVI All Finance Data Catalog (AFD 2.0), including the building blocks of AFD 2.0: entities, attributes, data types and codelists. An explanation of the AFD structures using these building blocks is available in chapter 3. Chapter 4 explains the AFD-definition Standard. Chapter 5 introduces the domain specific functions, including the SIVI All Finance API framework, while technical functions are described in chapter 6. Chapter 7 gives a description of status codes and error handling in line with REST architecture principles. Chapters 8 explains proprietary APIs, while chapter 9 introduces SIVI protocols. Chapters 10 and 11 cover the technical message and transaction standards. The topic security is explained in chapter 12. Chapter 13 describes tools related to SIVI AFS. Chapter 14 gives an overview of addtional support on the SIVI All Finance Standard offered by SIVI. In chapter 15 you can find an overview of abbreviations used in this manual.


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