Entity: document

The document entity is used for grouping information about an attachment or document.

Example usage

Below is an example document entity, filled with some attributes. See AFD Online for the complete and up-to-date data catalog with all the attributes listed under the document entity.

	"document": [ {
		"entityType": "default",
		"sequenceNumber": 1,
		"attachmentType": "11",
		"attachmentDescription": "Offerte AO-verzekering mw. Janssen",
		"fileName": "offerte710182jk",
		"fileExtension": "pdf",
		"data": "FSO:Hwo12S2jASHDasaKASJIgtaQtyiHzbsqq1lpfqsn..."
	} ]

Entity types

There are no entity types within the document entity. Entities without an entity type always use “default” as the value for the mandatory entityType attribute (see example above). The document entity corresponds to the BY, NT, VI and DS entities from AFD 1.0.


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