Clusters are grouped functions with the same characteristics and use. The cluster task contains general information about an assignment or task, for example, inspection, valuation or repair of damage. An overview of the clusters can be found in the Overview of the API-framework.

Clusters are concentrated around AFD structures. The cluster task is linked to the taskStructure. Thus, a cluster already indicates to a certain extent which data will be communicated. To indicate more in detail, which data is communicated and to what purpose, an operation and a variant must be selected.

An example of the use of the cluster task: when an incident occurs that is covered by the policy, third parties are contracted to establish the loss amount, carry out repair and salvage activities, or repatriate persons or objects. The cluster task enables the outsourcing and controlling of tasks for these types of activities. Contrary to most of the other APIs which in general are provided by the insurance provider, this API is to be provided by the third parties who are contracted to carry out the assigned tasks.


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