Entity: profileQuestions

The profileQuestions entity is used for grouping questions asked to set up a customer profile, for example in a mortgage application process. A customer profile consists of the knowledge and experience of the customer, his objectives and his risk appetite.

Example usage

Below is an example profileQuestions entity of entityType knowledgeAndExperience,and riskAppetite filled with some attributes. See AFD 2.0 Online for the complete and up-to-date data catalog with all available entity types and associated attributes listed under the profileQuestions entity. More documentation on the use of SIVI AFS is available in chapter Where to find elements of SIVI AFS.

"profileQuestions": [
			"entityType": "knowledgeAndExperience",
			"subject": "inkomen",
			"knowledgeAboutIncomeAtPensionAge": "2",
			"knowledgeAboutIncomeRelativesAfterDeath": "2",
			"knowledgeAboutIncomeWhenIncapacitated": "2"
			"entityType": "knowledgeAndExperience",
			"subject": "hypotheken",
			"knowledgeAboutMortgages": "4",
			"knowledgeAboutFinancialProductsInGeneral": "3"
			"entityType": "riskAppetite",
			"subject": "uitgaven en risico's",
			"willingnessToTakeFinancialRisks": "4",
			"willingnessToAdjustSpendingPattern": "1",
			"desiredRepaymentPercentageAtEndOfTerm": 2.1

Entity types

The most recent overview of entity types is available in AFD 2.0 Online.


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