General properties

The masterAgreementStructure can be used to define a collection of contracts which are linked to each other by a master agreement, for example a package policy, or a framework pension contract. A masterAgreementStructure always consists of a single master agreement, plus one or more components. These components may be loans, pensions and/or policies. The main characteristics of the masterAgreementStructure are the presence of one masterAgreement entity of the relevant entityType (package, framework or collectiveDiscount) and one or more policies, loans and/or pensions in accordance with their corresponding structure(s) (for example the policyStructure as described in the policyStructure section).

Mandatory components

The table below lists the mandatory entities and attributes of the masterAgreementStructure. Please note: these are only the mandatory components; in this case only the presence of a masterAgreement. In many functions and messages, the message will be more extensive, including one or more policy, pension and/or loan entities. An additional commonFunctional entity for meta-data may also be included. See the detailed example in the section below.

Name Occur. Type Description
masterAgreementStructure 1..1 entity Structure for master agreements, for example a package policy.
masterAgreement 1..1 entity The main entity of the master agreement structure.
entityType 1..1 string Unique identification of an entity.

JSON example

Below is an example of a masterAgreementStructure, used for a package policy. Note that at the top level within JSON, the masterAgreementStructure entity is not explicitly mentioned. In XML, the structure is always explicitly defined at the highest level as well.

	"commonFunctional": [ {
		"entityType": "default",		
		"funtionVariant": "policyRenewal",
		"dataCatalogVersion": "34C"
	} ],
	"masterAgreement": [ {
		"entityType": "package",
		"refKey": "pack83178210",
		"contractNumber": "P20190101-010",
		"renewalDate": "2021-02-01",
		"party": [ {
			"entityType": "policyHolder",
			"firstName": "Maria",
			"surname": "de Jong"
		} ],
		"financialTransaction": [ {
			"entityType": "booking",
			"packageDiscountInstallment": 230.23
		} ]
	} ],
	"policyStructure" : [ {
		"commonFunctional": [ {
			"entityType": "default",
			"functionVariant": "policyRenewal",
			"dataCatalogVersion": "34C"
               } ],
		"policy": [ {
			"entityType": "policyDetails",
			"businessLine": "021",
			"porCompany": "A001",
			"afdDefinitionName": "Goed verzekerd op weg",
			"afdDefinitionVersion": "001.00",
			"contractNumber": "P20190101-010_SI-VI-20",
			"masterAgreementRef": "pack83178210",
			"object": [ {
				"entityType": "motorVehicle",
				"licensePlate": "SIVI20"
			} ],
			"coverage": [ {
				"entityType": "thirdPartyLiability",
				"coverageCode": "2001",
				"deductibleAmount": 400.00
			} ]
		} ]
	} ]


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