The AFD model consists of a collection of entities and attributes. An entity describes an object or thing from reality, for example a policy, party or claim. An attribute describes a characteristic of an entity, for example the date of birth of the policyholder, the expiry date of the policy, etc. A single entity may contain multiple attributes.

Attributes are grouped by entity in AFD 2.0, but the entity type determines which attributes can actually be used. For example, insuredAmountSupervisionStorage is only applied in the coverage entity under entityType = liability.

See AFD 2.0 Online for the complete and up-to-date data catalog with all the attributes, as well as their characteristics and their respective entities/entityTypes. More documentation on the use of SIVI AFS is available in chapter Where to find elements of SIVI AFS.

If an attribute applies to the whole industry, it is added to the data catalog as a standard attribute.

If an attribute only applies to one company or one product, it should not be part of the data catalog, but it is possible to use custom attributes.


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