This chapter describes the building blocks of AFD 2.0.

The All Finance Data catalog consists of entities, attributes, data types, codelists and structures:

  1. An entity describes an object or thing from reality, for example a policy, party or claim.
  2. An attribute describes a characteristic of an entity, for example the date of birth of the policyholder, or the expiry date of the policy.
  3. A data type describes a class of values with a common scope and similar structure. An example is the data type Date that is linked to all “date attributes” in the AFD.
  4. A codelist is a list of predefined codes and corresponding values, that can be used as an AFD data type.
  5. A structure is designed for a specific high level business domain and comprises all entities which are relevant for that domain, for example a policyStructure.

Outline of this chapter:


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