The aim of the All Finance Standards is to be as future-proof as possible. On the other hand, linking protocols and – to a lesser extent – syntaxes are more subject to change. By dividing the standards into multiple layers, SIVI AFS can easily be applied via various message structures, syntaxes and linking protocols. In this way, developments within syntax and linking protocols have no direct impact on SIVI AFS.

Supported syntaxes

SIVI AFS was initially designed with JSON as starting point. In addition, XML is also fully supported. This also means that Edifact, traditionally used for ADN messages, is no longer supported within the development of SIVI AFS.

Outline of this chapter

This chapter looks at the supported syntaxes in SIVI AFS (JSON and XML). For each syntax, both background information and specific SIVI AFS related examples are given. For more specific technical backgrounds and questions, please refer to available online manuals.


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