Entity: underwriting

The underwriting entity is used for grouping underwriting-related data. Here, underwriting is an inquiry to determine whether or not the risk is acceptable, and to establish all facts that might affect the risk. AFD 2.0 has approximately around ten different entity types with regard to underwriting.

Example usage

Below is an example underwriting entity with entityType underwrtingQuestions, filled with some attributes. See AFD 2.0 Online for the complete and up-to-date data catalog with all available entity types and associated attributes listed under the underwriting entity. More documentation on the use of SIVI AFS is available in chapter Where to find elements of SIVI AFS.

	"underwriting": [ {
		"entityType": "underwritingQuestions",
		"imminentDispute": false,
		"financialProblems": false,
		"numberOfClaimFreeYears": 8,
		"income": true,
		"incomeExplanation": "self-employed",
		"healthInsuranceType": "P"
	} ]

Entity Types

The most recent overview of entity types is available in AFD 2.0 Online.


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