Entity: object

The object entity is intended for the grouping of object-related data. Within the context of AFD, an object is in general an insured or financed object. AFD 2.0 has more than 30 different entity types with regard to objects.

Example usage

Below is an example object entity of entityType motorVehicle, filled with some attributes. See AFD Online for the complete and up-to-date data catalog with all the attributes listed under the object entity.

	"object": [ {
		"entityType": "motorVehicle",
		"motorVehicleType": "BR",
		"objectTypeExplanation": "fire truck",
		"licensePlate": "AB34EF",
		"reportCode": "7654",
		"brand": "MAN",
		"model": "Ziegler",
		"type": "12F",
		"implementation": "2012 red",
		"constructionYear": "2011",
		"diy": false,
		"oldtimer": false,
		"fuel": "B",
		"currentColors": ["red", "blue"],
		"originalCatalogValue": 80000,
		"motorVehicleUse": "Z"
	} ]

Entity types

Entity type Description AFD 1.0
agriculturalProduct Agricultural and horticultural products. LT
aircraft Data about an aircraft or kite. For example, also a cable kite. VF
animal Animal object. LH
annex An annex is a structure that, cadastrally, is part of a building, but is not intended for human habitation. BB
any Generic entityType when the object is not specifically named. XO
building Buildings intended for human habitation. BA
caravan A caravan is a trailer designed in such a way that natural persons can stay overnight. CR
computer Computer object. CP
dangerousSubstance Description of a substance that poses a risk during storage or transport for, for example, fire or explosion. GS
dinghy A dinghy is a vessel intended to be transported by another/larger vessel, and used for recreational purposes or as an escape vessel. VB
electronics Electronic equipment. HE
environmentalRisk Environmental risk object. MU
event Temporary event in which (large numbers of) people are expected. OT
fleet Fleet object. WP
garage Garage company. GI
glass Glass object. GL
goods Goods object. GR
householdEffects Household effects. IB
inventory Inventory object. IT
machine Machine object. MA
money Money, checks, securities. GF
mopedBicycle Moped or bicycle object. BF
motorVehicle Motor vehicle object. OB
optionsAccessories Options are extras that can be supplied as an additional version on an object, which are subject to BPM. Accessories are extras that can be fitted to the customer after delivery. ON
otherBusiness Other business object related data. OZ
parts Components/parts objects are made of. OO
safe Safe/deposit object. GO
service Service object. SC
software Software object. SW
trailer A trailer is a vehicle without its own propulsion on wheels, intended to be towed by a motor vehicle. Not intended for the transport of people. AA
transportation Information about the products that are manufactured, supplied, delivered or transported by a company. PT
travel Travel object. RS
valuables Valuable objects. KH
vessel Vessel object. PG
vesselEngine Vessel engine object. MH


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