Entity: address

The address entity is used for grouping address-related data. The definition of an address is broad. On the one hand an address is an indication of a location that a person can visit or that has been recognized by a postal service. On the other hand the address entity can also be used for URLs.

Example usage

Below is an example address entity, filled with some attributes. The address entity is nested under the corresponding core entity. See AFD 2.0 Online for the complete and up-to-date data catalog with all available entity types and associated attributes listed under the
address entity. More documentation on the use of SIVI AFS is available in chapter Where to find elements of SIVI AFS.

	"party": [ { 
		"entityType": "policyHolder",
		"surname": "Janssen",
		"address": [ {
			"entityType": "default",
			"addressType": "003",
			"street": "Graafseweg",
			"houseNumber": 22,
			"city": "Apeldoorn",
			"country": "NL"
		} ]
	} ]

Entity types

There are no entity types within the address entity. The address entity corresponds to the XA entity plus attributes from the UR entity in AFD 1.0.


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