Entity: masterAgreement

The masterAgreement entity is used for grouping data about a master agreement, such as a package policy, framework contract or group discount arrangement. The masterAgreement entity is used in combination with loan, pension and/or policy entities.

Example usage

Below is an example masterAgreement entity of type package, filled with some attributes. See AFD Online for the complete and up-to-date data catalog with all the attributes listed under the masterAgreement entity.

	"masterAgreement": [ {
		"entityType": "package",
		"porCompany": "A030",
		"businessLine": "021",
		"packageDiscountSchemeNumber": "C9",
		"numberPolicyParts": 4,
		"customerDiscountInstallment": 121.19
	} ]

Entity Types

Entity type Description AFD 1.0
collectiveDiscount Information about a group/collective discount scheme. new
framework Information about a framework contract. RC
package Information about a package of policies, pensions and/or loans. PK

Please note that master agreements for loans and pensions (for example packages) are still under construction and expected in due time.


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