An easy way to compose AFD definitions and export JSON Schemas

With the AOS tool (AFD Online Samenstellen), developers can easily create AFD definitions themselves, without JSON or XML knowledge being required. For example, a developer can create JSON Schemas for the submitPolicy and changePolicy functions within the motorVehicle domain by selecting subsets of the baseline policyStructure-motorVehicle, made available by SIVI.

Within AOS, it is also possible to define tighter definitions for attributes and entities, including cardinality (number of occurrences), subsets of codelists, rules for string and number length, and mandatory or optional occurrence. Compiled AFD definitions can then be exported as JSON Schema with one click. Developers can then, for example, set up functions and web services based on these JSON Schemas.

Import, maintenance and certification

The tool also supports the import of csv files, which can speed up the import of an AFD definition considerably. This makes it possible to keep track of and update definitions in Excel, and then import them back into the tool as a CSV. An AFD definition can be certified within the same application and published in the SIVI register for certified schemes.


If you want to update your administration on a regular basis with the most recent AFD-definitions you can use the AOS-API. A manual for using AOS-API is available on the landing page of AOS (in Dutch). There you can find more information about AOS and create an account for AOS.


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