A lot of information is available in this manual. But if you are interested in details about the use of SIVI AFS we recommend you to have a look at the information mentioned below.

AFD 2.0 Master table

On the SIVI AFS website you will find the AFD 2.0 Master Table as a download in Excel format. This data catalog is updated monthly and contains all AFD 2.0 entities, entityTypes, attributes and codelists, including mapping (if any) to corresponding entities and attributes in AFD 1.0. The first tab (Readme) contains a brief explanation of the various tabs in this excel file.

AFD 2.0 Online

AFD 2.0 Online contains the same information as the AFD 2.0 Master table, but it is online available and it has more convenient search facilities. For each entityType, it is possible to find the applicable attributes. Search entries can be entities, attributes or codelists. An explanation on how to search the catalog can be found on the SIVI website (in Dutch).

Data catalog

On the SIVI AFS website you can find a machine readable Data catalog (zip with jsons) as a download.

Data catalog as JSON Schema

On the SIVI AFS website you can find the machine readable Data catalog as JSON Schema (zip with JSON Schemas) as a download. This can be useful for validating at element level: here each element is linked to a data type (integer, date, etc) or code list. And you can easily see/read which attributes fall under certain entityTypes. (Note: This schema contains all entities, entityTypes, attributes, and codelists, but no structures or relationships between entities themselves.)

Release notes

Information about updates and adjustments in SIVI AFS can be found in the release notes on the SIVI AFS website. The most recent release note is always available here as a download.


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