Entity: party

The party entity is intended for grouping party-related data. A party may be a (natural) person or an organization. AFD 2.0 has more than 30 different entity types with regard to parties.

Example usage

Below is an example party entity of entityType policyHolder, filled with some attributes. See AFD Online for the complete and up-to-date data catalog with all the attributes listed under the party entity.

	"party": [ {
		"entityType": "policyHolder",
		"surname": "Janssen",
		"initials": "J.H.",
		"genderOrLegalPersonCode": "M",
		"street": "Graafseweg",
		"houseNumber": 22,
		"city": "Apeldoorn",
		"birthDate": "1970-05-05",
		"collectionAccountIban": "NL12BANK345678910"
	} ]

Entity types

Entity type Description AFD 1.0
accountHolder The contractor of an account/deposit type contract. RF
accountPayer The interest payer of an account/deposit type contract. BU
administration A legal entity that does the bookkeeping. AF
administrator A person who controls a person who is under administration. FB
any Generic entityType when the party is not specifically named. XP
appraiser Appraiser. TX
association Association, federation or body. FE
bank A legal person that is a banking institution (primary / secondary) according to the appointment rules of the Dutch Bank. FI
beneficiary A beneficiary is a person who is considered to be the recipient of a life insurance benefit. BG
businessAgent Business agent. ZW
businessAssociation A legal person (association) who is responsible for implementing the social insurance laws within an industry (also known as UVI or UWV). BV
businessEnvironment Business environment. ZO
businessOwner Business owner. EB
businessUnit Data about a business unit within a company or organization such as a branch or office. EH
caregiver Caregiver. VG
carrier Carrier. TS
causeOfDamage Party that caused the damage. VO
child A natural person who is considered legally incapacitated and who is not older than 18 years. KN
claimsManager Claims manager. MR
cohabitingPartner Cohabiting partner (a natural person). SP
collector Information about the (debt) collector. PX
company Data about an (insured) company or organization. OG
contact A natural person who can be contacted within a legal person for further information. KP
contractor Party executing an order/assignment. UV
conversionCompany A legal person whose primary activity is the conversion of vehicles and vessels to specific user functions. OM
counterparty Counterparty. TY
creditor The party that has a claim. CU
crowdPuller A legal person who carries out activities that attract large numbers of people. PU
damageExpert Damage expert. EX
damageRepair A legal person whose primary activity is to perform repairs on movable property. RT
damageRepairChain Damage repair chain. HK
damageReporter Reporter of the damage. SM
dealer A dealer is a company that fulfills the distribution function. DY
debtor The party that owes money. DB
dentist Dentist. TA
diplomaHolder Diploma holder. DI
doctor Doctor or GP. HA
educationalInstitution A legal person that is recognized by the local government as a training institute for natural persons. OW
employee A natural person with an employment contract. WN
employer A legal person with natural persons on an employment contract. WG
estateAgent A legal person (broker) acting in movable and immovable property. MK
frameworkContractHolder The contractor of a framework type contract. RH
franchisor Information about a franchisor. FG
guarantor Guarantor. BL
health Information about the health of a certain party. GV
heir Heir. NB
holding Holding company. HC
hospital A legal person with a government permit to perform medical procedures. ZH
hunter A natural person who hunts animals. JG
implementingBody Implementing body for employees, such as UWV. AR
income Professional and income data of a natural person. Income can also come from sources other than an occupation. IK
inspectionBody A legal person who performs control duties. CT
insuredPerson A natural person who is insured on an insurance contract. VZ
intermediary Intermediary. TP
lawyer Lawyer. AV
legalCounselInsurer Legal counsel insurer. RB
legalGuardian The legal guardian represents the ward (the person placed under guardianship), acts on his/her behalf and looks after the financial interests of the ward. CB
legalRepresentative Legal representative. WV
lessee The lessee is the contracting party of the leasing company (who is the lessor). The regular driver is often an employee of the lessee. LZ
lessor A legal person whose primary business activity is the provision of consumer goods for a (fixed) fee. LP
liableInsurer Liable insurer. AK
loanPayer The contractor of a loan type contract. BT
maintenanceCompany A legal person whose primary activity is to perform maintenance work on (im)movable property. OH
manufacturer The manufacturer, maker and/or builder of an object. FA
medicationUse Data about the use of medication by, for example, an insured. MG
mga Information about the managing general agent (mga or “volmachtnemer”). VE
mortgageLender A person who borrows money as a mortgage and gives a property as collateral. HG
mortgager A legal entity that lends money under a mortgage. HN
notary Notary. NO
objectOwner Owner of an object. EI
partnershipMember A natural person who is a member of the legal entity ‘Partnership’. ML
pawner Pawner. VN
pensionFund A legal person with the primary function to manage and pay out pension funds. BP
pensionProvider Pension fund or insurance company that manages employee pensions. PF
pledgee Pledgee. PA
policyHolder Policy holder. VP
premiumDebtor Premium debtor. PW
premiumPayer Premium payer. PB
principal Party that issues an order. OY
principalInsurer Information about the principal insurer (“volmachtgever”). VL
receiver Receiver. RV
registrationCertificateHolder Registration certificate holder. LI
regularDriver A natural person who drives a vehicle or vessel. BS
reportingAuthority A legal person/authority where a crime has been reported. AG
representative Representative. BN
sender Sender. SN
serviceOrganisation Details of the party that provides a certain service in, for example, the claims settlement process. ST
shareholder Shareholder. HO
signatory Signatory party. MT
standingRightHolder Holder of the standing right entitling to periodical payments. SR
subagent Subagent. SA
supplier A legal person who has supplied movable property. LV
tenant Tenant. HR
trademarkClub A legal person in which owners of vehicles or vessels unite. MC
underwritingAgent A legal entity that may conduct an insurance business on behalf of an insurer. AS
union A legal person (often association) of employees working in the same profession, with the aim of promoting the interests of the profession and defending the social and economic rights of its members. OR
victim Victim and/or injured person. SL
witness A natural person who can report on an event that is important to third parties. GT
expartner Information about an ex-partner or widow. new
ownersAssociation Information about a (Home)owners Association (VVE). Part of a VVE are accomodations such as homes, offices, shops etc. VS


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