Mapping-API for all mappings related to SIVI AFS

SIVI offers an API to provide mappings from one data catalog to another. More specific, the API converts a message from one data standard to another data standard, for example from AFD 1.0 to AFD 2.0. More information (in Dutch), as well as an overview of currently available mappings, can be found on the SIVI website about the mapping-API. The first mapping that the SIVI mapping-API supports, is the conversion from AFD 1.0 to AFD 2.0. In this mapping, an AFD 1.0 input in XML is converted to a corresponding AFD 2.0 output in JSON.

Mapping process

The messages are processed statelessly by the mapping-API and are not stored anywhere. This means: the mapping is executed in random-access memory and is no longer present after processing is completed. This prevents the data from being used in an improper way. Apart from that, SIVI does record process data about the use of the mapping-API:

  • Requested type of mapping
  • Version number of the mapping
  • The applicant
  • Size of the message
  • Mapping throughput
  • Successful completion of the mapping

More information on the mapping-API, including a manual, terms of use and an application form, is available on the website of SIVI (in Dutch).


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