The functions included in the SIVI API-framework cover all aspects of the operational processes regarding the distribution of financial products. The functions included in this chapter lead back to either preceding SIVI standards or customer demands for a function definition.
Please contact SIVI if the template of the function you need is not yet included in this chapter. If a function is of a sufficient generic nature, SIVI will add it to the API-framework on demand.

The API-framework functions can be divided into different categories:

  • Premium calculation, offer and underwriting are used in the processes of selling financial products, and to a lesser extent changing and updating these products.
  • Policy and claim are the core elements of insurance, and the primary processes that feed systems of record for policy- and claim administration. Journal entries are used to register financial consequences like collecting premium, settling claims and allocating commission and fees.
  • The message exchange platform provides the data logistics to support the distribution channels for financial products.
  • Process, and order functions facilitate interaction between the environments of third) parties.
    Supporting processes like appraisal, medical examination, loss adjustment, recovery and repair can be initiated, and the current status can be communicated by notification.
  • The masterData function gives access to master data from a party, to ensure a consistency of data in processes.

Chapter lay-out

The Design principles describe constructs and functionality which applies to most or all of the functions/group, and the Proprietary APIs section contains guidelines to provide a uniform ‘look and feel’ for party specific API’s so that they will be easy recognisable and understandable to facilitate swift and simple implementation.
An list of all functions is provided in the Function overview chapter, details of the individual functions are described in the subsequent sections.
The chapter ends with information on processing status and error handling which applies to the functions, if and where applicable.


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