The exchange of data is always triggered by a process. This can be an automated process, or an interaction by a person handling data in an electronic environment. For example a workflow process where available data is pulled up from a CRM or backoffice system, and the data is used to trigger a process in a web application.
The request includes input data from the calling (web)application. The response contains a URL to initiate a session for which an online form is (partially) pre-filled by using the input data from the request. Starting from a comparison application for example, a detailed quote can be requested on the extranet of an insurer. The input data from the comparison is used to partially pre-fill the electronic form, which avoids manual re-typing of already available information.

Once a process is started, different parties may be interested in the current status. They can inquire (pull) or be notified (push) in order to obtain the status. A status update can also be used to trigger another manual or automated process as part of a workflow.


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