This manual is the first place for users of the AFD, API-framework and AFD-definitions. If information is missing or something is unclear, please contact or call within office hours (030) 698 80 90.

Online resources

You can easily use AFD Online via the SIVI 2.0 website. Through AFD Online you always have access to the current definitions of entities, entityTypes, attributes, codelists and data types. You can also quickly search the data catalog using the search function. All technical documentation regarding API-functions can be found via the SIVI Swaggerhub repository. Links to the Swaggerhub pages can be found on the pages about the corresponding functions in the section API-framework functions of this manual.

Mapping and conversion

SIVI offers various solutions for a smooth migration from SIVI 1.0 to SIVI 2.0. A conversion tool is in development and will follow in due course. In addition, the conversion software will be offered as open source (in C#) so that organizations can implement it themselves in their AFD-related processes. For other specific mapping issues, you can always contact SIVI at

Requests for changes and additions

The All Finance Data model is subject to change as a result of (for example) developments in legislation and new regulation for insurers and intermediaries. Changes and additions to the AFD are implemented by SIVI in accordance with the AFD management procedure. The latest and actual version of the AFD is published on the SIVI website every two weeks. Insurers and intermediaries affiliated with SIVI and suppliers cooperating with SIVI (suppliers authorized to use the AFD) can submit a formal request to SIVI for the functional modification of – or an addition to – the AFD data catalog. Several changes can be proposed per request and there are no restrictions on the number of requests that can be made per party. Proposals will only be considered if such a request is clear and enforceable, and if the request does not conflict with other proposals. Requests will be processed by SIVI in order of arrival.

Requests can be made with the form ‘Aanvraag uitbreiding AFD 2.0’. A working link to the form will follow shortly.

Developing AFD messages

On request, SIVI provides support in the development of AFD messages. By default, SIVI provides an extensive message specification in PDF, a JSON Schema and a descriptive explanation.


All downloads can be found on the landing page on the SIVI website about SIVI 2.0. The following downloads are offered:

  • Paper Introduction SIVI AFS: a PDF file containing information (in Dutch) about the All Finance Standard
  • AFD 2.0 Master Table: an Excel file with all entities and attributes in AFD 2.0. All attributes have descriptions, data types, codelists and the entityTypes under which they occur.
  • AFD 1.0 – 2.0 Mapping Table: a JSON file containing the mapping for existing AFD 1.0 attributes and entities to their AFD 2.0 equivalents and vice versa.
  • AFS Release Notes: an Excel file with the latest additions, modifications and deletions in AFD 2.0.
  • SIVI AFS Magazines: a periodical digital magazine, specifically for SIVI AFS users.


With AFD APIs, it is possible to retrieve AFD-related data through APIs. For example the content of a codelist, all attributes under a certain entityType or the interpretation of a certain structure. The AFD APIs are currently still under development and will be available in due time.


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